PDA Interface for Robota: Imitation Game  

This project develops a vision-based module for detecting the motion of the user's arm and head, and letting the mini-humanoid robot Robota imitate the motion of the user. The project uses a Compaq iPAQ-3850 Pocket-PC, provided with a FlyCAM-CF camera.

A built-in module allows the robot to imitate (in mirror fashion) the user's motion of the arms and the head.

People involved in this project

  • Sylvain Calinon: PDA Interface for Humanoid Robots (MSc - Diploma, winter 2002-2003)

  • Aude Billard: Head of the group and main advisor

Robota imitates in mirror fashion the user's upwards movement of the right arm

The camera image is divided into 9 areas to track
separately the head and the two arms.


The tracking of the arms is based on optical flow detection, and the tracking of the head is based on a local template matching of the tip of the nose. This feature has symmetry and convexity properties, that ensure robust tracking during head rotation.